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Study Abroad Education Consultants

“Orange Bird Recruitment Agency” (OBRA) provides university admission consultancy, visa consultancy, student finance applications for studies in the UK for prospective students wishing to study in United Kingdom, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

“Orange Bird Recruitment Agency” (OBRA) are established us as a specialist on institutions of higher education in Europe. Our company is based in Latvia, in Riga (the capital of Latvia) and we have our partner agency in the United Kingdom – London, the capital of the UK.

For the International students – we  provide and help international students with admission,  VISA and Residence Permit documentation. We have all necessary contacts and have all the information for our students.  You are not alone, our team will support you in the all process.

For the EU citizens “OBRA” offers Free Services for EU citizens with applying for Government Study Loans and Maintenance loans for those, who would like to study in Top UK Universities.

“OBRA” offer Free Consultations to all internationals students aspiring to study in the Europe. We take care of our students from beginning to finish; we help to choice the best possible institution and course, also we help make application for students, Visa process from start to finish, accommodation, translation of documentations, arrival and departure transfer services and etc. In essential moments we are going to provide all necessary information. Our company will provide to students everything; we can arrange all the meetings to simplify the beginning process. Trust us, we are professionals. You can feel free to communicate with us and we will answer to you as soon as possible. We want our students to finish what they start and enjoy the studies and time in Europe.

Higher degrees in Europe are affordable (from €2 000 to €15 000 per study year) and are recognized worldwide. “Orange Bird Recruitment Agency” offers a variety of program types in order to accommodate the different needs of students. The OBRA helps to the international students to choose the type of program they want to participate in, as it is very important since it will influence every aspect of your experience.

Programs available: Aircraft, Art, Design, Maritime, Computer Sciences, Culture, Business, Management, Business Administration, Dentistry, IT, Medicine, Theology and much more. Just communicate with us and we will answer to all your questions.

We have selected the best Universities, therefore, OBRA represents only high-quality and recognised educational institutions in Latvia and UK.

It is a challenge, take it and use the opportunity!


As a service company, our primary consideration must always be our clients, and our primary objective, their satisfaction. OBRA’s management are committed to providing the best quality of services to our clients and to exceed the client expectations in terms with the high standards, policies and procedures of OBRA. Our success in achieving this is measured by our client’s perception of not only the student recruitment but also, our overall response in terms of readiness, communication, safety and service attitude.

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